About Our Firm

Early Sullivan lawyers and professional staff are passionate about the practice of law.

We like what we do. These traits drive us to perform at the highest level. We believe that clients have a right to expect impeccable work and great service from a law firm, so we strive to differentiate ourselves from other firms by exceeding these expectations.

We are a business and entertainment law firm, with a particular focus in the Real Estate, Finance and Entertainment industries.  Our clients trust us to achieve their objectives by developing legal strategies to solve legal problems.  To support the “client first” philosophy, we openly discuss strategy and budget concerns before ever opening a matter.  Our lawyers are effective at negotiation and understand the trade off between legal principles and deal completion.  We weigh risk tolerance against business upside to properly advise and protect clients.

When litigation is the only option, we will aggressively and tenaciously protect our clients’ interests while cost-effectively meeting their expectations. Our effectiveness leads to lower bills than large firms, and our clients still get the same caliber of legal talent as the big firms, where all of our attorneys started out. It is our entrepreneurial spirit that drives us to manage cases better by assigning the appropriate time and legal expertise to each matter.

Our lawyers are active in the community and serve on charitable boards.  As we grow, we promise to always remember that our community of clients is the foundation of our business.

To learn more about our firm and its members, including recent accomplishments, we welcome you to visit our “Attorneys” and “News” sections.