March 23rd, 2022


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Bryan Sullivan Comments On Amazon’s Acquisition of MGM For TheWrap

In a recent article for TheWrap, Bryan Sullivan shared his thoughts on Amazon’s recent acquisition of MGM.

In addition to outlining the logistics of the $8.5 billion deal, the article notes the contrasting cultures of Amazon and MGM, and it considers how this will affect the roles of top MGM executives, including Mike De Luca and Mark Burnett. The article examines additional hurdles that could arise if the leadership structure remains unclear, including whether MGM will retain autonomy with major decisions regarding films and television shows.

“This is not a merger, this is a straight up acquisition,” Bryan remarks. “Amazon is in the driver’s seat. And MGM just goes along for the ride.”

Read the full article below (subscription required).

Why MGM’s Top Execs Face an Uphill Battle Under Amazon Leadership