January 6th, 2023

Scripps News

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Bryan Sullivan Discusses the Future of Ticketmaster and Live Music With Scripps News

Bryan Sullivan appeared on-air with Scripps News in a recent segment exploring possible antitrust fallout for Ticketmaster following the Taylor Swift ticket debacle. Two fan-led lawsuits have been filed against Ticketmaster for the way they handled Swift’s tour tickets, and potential government investigations are increasingly possible.

“They’re saying that Ticketmaster has such control over the marketplace for tickets and venues that it’s basically unfair competition and a violation of the antitrust laws,” Brian explained. As for whether Ticketmaster’s large control over the market constitutes “acting unfairly?” According to Bryan, “It’s not necessarily just that they control it, but they have to engage in certain conduct that restricts, restrains other competitors from entering into the field.” He adds, “If they’re able to achieve that level of success based on their superior services and products, business acumen, or just through the mergers and acquisitions that they’ve done, which were fair and above board, then the law allows them to control that level of the market.”

“What’s Ahead For Ticketmaster, Live Music After Taylor Swift Tour Mess” – Scripps News