November 19th, 2021

Forbes, Yahoo! Finance

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Bryan Sullivan Examines Astroworld Liability For Travis Scott and Others In Forbes and Yahoo! Finance

In a recent article for Forbes entitled “Astroworld’s Legal Fallout: What’s At Risk For Travis Scott And Live Nation?” Bryan Sullivan examines the liability of Scott, Drake, Live Nation Entertainment Inc., and other defendants after the Astroworld tragedy. With a look at the legal outcome of similar incidents, Bryan explains that grounds for liability for Scott or Drake would depend on if they encouraged violent behavior from the crowds.

Bryan spoke with Yahoo! Finance further about Travis Scott’s liability following the incident, telling reporter Alexandra Canal that “The law requires him to engage in specific conduct that incited the incidents…What did he do at Astroworld that night? That’s the question the courts will be asking.”

The full article in Forbes and Bryan’s comments in Yahoo! Finance can be found below.

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