November 18th, 2022


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Bryan Sullivan Featured in Newsy Segment on How Taylor Swift’s Tour Impacted the Industry

Bryan Sullivan recently spoke to Newsy in its segment entitled, “Taylor Swift Eras Tour Helped Uncover Deep Issues Of Concert Ticketing,” which examined how the artist’s upcoming tour has brought attention to the monopolization issues surrounding Ticketmaster, and the concert industry as a whole. On Tuesday, fans who were able to get tickets were left with limited options other than to pay the high prices and fees asked by Ticketmaster, or to buy resale tickets from scalpers who also overprice their tickets.

Many lawmakers are now examining the broader implications of Ticketmaster’s majority share of the market. Bryan explained, “The argument is there’s too much control by one company over a substantial number of venues and concert shows.” Bryan continued to express how the 2009 merger between Ticketmaster and Live Nation has contributed to unfair competition in the industry and limited options for fans. He said, “Of course, if there’s two arenas in one city and one is owned by Live Nation, odds are the concert promotion will be going to the one owned by Live Nation, and they’re making money up and down the chain.”

“Taylor Swift Eras Tour Helped Uncover Deep Issues Of Concert Ticketing” – Newsy