August 24th, 2020

Los Angeles Times

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Bryan Sullivan Quoted in Los Angeles Times Article Regarding TikTok’s Lawsuit Against the Trump Administration

Bryan Sullivan was recently quoted in Wendy Lee’s Los Angeles Times article “TikTok sues Trump administration, calls ban unconstitutional.” The article details TikTok’s lawsuit, which states that the executive order against TikTok and its parent company is unconstitutional. The article notes that the order is vague and its effects have caused uncertainty for TikTok employees.

The order is very vague and ambiguous,” said Bryan Sullivan, a partner at Early Sullivan Wright Gizer and McRae LLP. ‘It does not provide any detail whatsoever as to the scope of the order and how far it would be applied.” Bryan notes that President Trump issued [the] order under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, which gives him the authority to regulate international commerce to address unusual or extraordinary threats.

Bryan also commented on the optimal scenario for TikTok. He said the best case for TikTok would be if Trump’s order is declared unconstitutional, but it could take months for the case to be resolved. He added that the clock would not stop on Trump’s order unless a judge grants a temporary injunction.

The full article can be viewed below.

TikTok sues Trump administration, calls ban unconstitutional