January 25th, 2024


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Bryan Sullivan Quoted in Newsweek Article on Likelihood of Third Trump Defamation Suit

Bryan Sullivan spoke with Sean O’Driscoll at Newsweek about degrading comments towards E. Jean Carroll made by former president Donald Trump in a January 17, 2024 press conference, and how they could cost Trump even more than Carrolls’ two previous defamation suits against him.

The article, entitled “Donald Trump May Have Another E. Jean Carroll Problem,” describes how Carroll’s lawyer Roberta Kaplan could be preparing for a third defamation case after submitting transcripts and videos from Trump’s latest criticism, including 30 social media posts from Truth Social, to the court.

“She can sue him a third time, and precedence has been established from the first two cases,” Bryan explains. “The damages would likely be increased the third time.”

With Trump currently in ongoing legal proceedings with Carroll as the court decides how much to award her in the second defamation case, Bryan contends that Trump’s latest conduct could “give the court potential grounds to issue an injunction precluding Trump from speaking about the claims that can be subsequently enforced in contempt proceedings.”

Donald Trump May Have Another E. Jean Carroll Problem – Newsweek