March 16th, 2021

The Hollywood Reporter

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Bryan Sullivan Quoted in The Hollywood Reporter on Harassment Claims and the Extent of Government Reach

Bryan Sullivan was recently quoted in Ashley Cullins’ Hollywood Reporter article “‘Criminal Minds’ Dispute Raises Questions About Government Reach.” The article discusses California’s Department of Fair Employment & Housing (DFEH) complaint alleging that Disney had enabled director of photography Gregory St. Johns to create “an unchecked intimidating, hostile, and offensive work environment on the set of ‘Criminal Minds.’”

The article goes on to question whether DFEH can pursue an injunction against Disney when St. Johns no longer works for the company and the series has ended. DFEH claims that none of that matters because Disney is still in business and their human resources department oversees personnel issues.

Bryan stated, “It seemed to me that the state is saying this may have happened on Criminal Minds but your response to these kinds of complaints is a systemic problem that requires more oversight than what you’re doing.” He adds, “I would think it’s going to be tough to argue ‘you have a systemic issue in how you respond to these complaints.'” Bryan concludes by saying, “I find it interesting that the state is pursuing it so aggressively over a show that is canceled. They must feel that there’s something more there to put this amount of effort into the case. Maybe they’re trying to send a message because Disney is a big company. ‘If we’ll go after Disney, we’ll go after you too.'”

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‘Criminal Minds’ Dispute Raises Questions About Government Reach