December 22nd, 2023


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Bryan Sullivan Speaks to AdAge on the Rumored Merger of Warner Brothers Discovery and Paramount

Bryan Sullivan spoke to AdAge on the recent rumors of a merger between Warner Brothers Discovery and Paramount and what regulatory hurdles the deal may face. The merger rumors mark a new turn in what has been a regular story of whether Paramount will be acquired by another company. This potential merger has also raised questions about any potential regulatory blockades. Bryan told AdAge that the “overall likelihood of regulatory interferences in this potential merger is low.”

“Federal regulators have shown a consistent pattern in recent years of not challenging mergers and acquisitions with the same interest they once did,” Bryan said. “Neither of these two companies is the largest in the sector and this potential merger wouldn’t make them …The presence of studios likely won’t present an issue like broadcast would as the two companies are not the largest studio players in town and broadcast has fewer players involved than studio productions. If both had broadcast operations, a merger would eliminate one player from the landscape.”

The Pros and Cons of a Paramount-Warner Bros. Discover Merger, According to Media Buyers – AdAge