December 6th, 2021

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Bryan Sullivan Speaks to Courthouse News About Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Over Netflix Film “#Alive”

Courthouse News reporter Edvard Pettersson spoke with Bryan Sullivan about a new lawsuit involving the 2020 Netflix film “#Alive,” an English-language dubbed version of a hit South Korean zombie thriller. The suit alleges that in making and releasing “#Alive,” Netflix infringed on the exclusive rights of Hollywood Innovation Group, a Korean producer, to make non-Korean language versions of the film. The suit also claims that the release of “#Alive” exhausted the market for Hollywood Innovation Group’s English-language version of the film, “Alone.”

When considering this novel copyright issue, Bryan notes that results of the lawsuit could depend on the exact wording used in the agreement between Hollywood Innovation Group and the author of the screenplay, and suggests that successfully claiming copyright infringement may be difficult. “Under copyright law, I don’t know if there are cases where just pure, straight dubbing is considered infringement,” says Bryan.

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Netflix’s dubbed ‘#Alive’ draws lawsuit from makers of English-language version