February 22nd, 2023


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Bryan Sullivan Speaks to IndieWire About Likelihood of Megan Markle and Prince Harry Bringing Suit Against South Park

Bryan Sullivan recently spoke with IndieWire about the recent South Park episode ‘The Worldwide Privacy Tour,’ which aimed the show’s satirical target at Megan Markle and Prince Harry. Following the release of the episode, it was reported that Megan Markle was “upset and overwhelmed” by it and that the couple was considering taking legal action.

“If they were insulted, they can sue for it,” shares Bryan, though he also points out, “There’s no remedy for being insulted.” On the chance of a defamation case being successful, Bryan notes the show’s long history of covering topical issues which gives the show and its creators a “very strong parody defense.”

“Most lawsuits and the types of firms that they would use would be fairly expensive, and the damages would be really difficult to prove, so on a cost-benefit analysis, it’s probably not worth bringing… [This isn’t] something, as a lawyer, I would advise a client to go to suit over.”

Read more of Bryan’s comments in the article below.

Even if Meghan and Harry Wanted to Sue ‘South Park,’ They Probably Shouldn’t – IndieWire