April 14th, 2023


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Bryan Sullivan Speaks to IndieWire About Warner Bros. Discovery’s Strategy for the New ‘Max’ Streaming Service

Bryan Sullivan recently spoke with IndieWire about the announced changes to Warner Bros. Discovery’s streaming strategy following their merger. ‘Max’ will be the company’s new leading streaming service, combining the content from HBO Max and Discovery+. The article highlighted the lackluster sentiment some players on Wall Street felt toward the announcement.

At the center of the online discourse for the announcement was the critique on Warner Bros. Discovery’s choice to rebrand the platform to ‘Max’ and remove ‘HBO’ from the name. Bryan came out in support of the name change saying, “From a branding standpoint, it’s easier to say ‘Max.’ One syllable, one word… It might be a joke right now because you’re used to saying ‘HBO Max.’”

Bryan expanded on that idea, explaining how “simple” and “straightforward” names are good choices and that ‘Max’ will soon feel natural. “Nobody’s really going to care (about the name),” Bryan told IndieWire, “they’re just going to focus on the content that’s being promoted and then talk about how great Max is.”

Wall Street Still Unimpressed by Warner Bros. Discovery: Max Reveal Needed More ‘Surprises’ – IndieWire