November 6th, 2023

Los Angeles Business Journal

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Bryan Sullivan Speaks to Los Angeles Business Journal on the Future of Live Nation and Ticketmaster Merger

Bryan Sullivan recently shared his insight on the future of the Live Nation and Ticketmaster merger amidst the continued push for antitrust action. In the Los Angeles Business Journal article entitled, “Will Swifties Cut Live Nation’s Size?,” Bryan explains the recent class-action suits filed by Taylor Swift fans following the disastrous ticket sales rollout for her “Eras Tour” and whether this may prod federal agencies to take further action.

Bryan tells LABJ, “The plaintiffs are saying, ‘I’ve been damaged because I bought tickets that were priced way too high because of the combination of Ticketmaster and Live Nation controlling way too much of the market.’” He continues to explain, “whereas the government would be arguing, ‘This is a combination that restricts trade to the extent that it violates the Sherman Act and Clayton Act and we’ve got to break this up.’” While the resolution is unlikely for the near future, Bryan speculates the worst outcome would be the rescinding of the merger; though it is possible smaller arms of the operation would be broken off instead.

“Will Swifties Cut Live Nation’s Size?” – Los Angeles Business Journal