May 23rd, 2024


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Bryan Sullivan Speaks to Newsweek on Trump’s Plans to File a Lawsuit Against New Biopic

Bryan Sullivan recently spoke to Newsweek about former President Donald Trump’s plans to sue the makers of a new biopic about his life. “The Apprentice,” which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this week, depicts a young Donald Trump in an unfavorable light based on various public allegations. He explains that the unlikelihood of the lawsuit’s success hinges on the fact that the film, like most biopics, is still a work of fiction, despite being based on true events.

“The film, from what I’ve read, is based on material from the public record and allegations that have been publicly made,” Bryan tells Newsweek. “And while labeled as a ‘biopic,’ as with any similar films, it is known to be a work of fiction based on real-life events,” he continues.

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