May 23rd, 2024

Scripps News

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Bryan Sullivan Speaks to Scripps News About the Lack of Transparency in the Digital Age of Ticket Purchasing

Bryan Sullivan recently spoke to Scripps News about concert ticket sales transparency in the wake of three states – Colorado, Minnesota, and Maryland – passing bipartisan concert ticket transparency protection laws in order to protect ticket buyers from hidden fees and price hikes.

“As you go through the process, there’s additional fees that are then added on that can come to like 20% of the ticket price at the end of the day,” Bryan tells Scripps.

“Colorado, Minnesota and Maryland have been the three that have been leading regulation,” he continues. “And I believe there’s a bill in the House of Representatives that is shockingly bipartisan, since it’s rare that that happens nowadays, but that is actually moving forward.”

Read the full article in Scripps:

Three states pass concert ticket transparency protections