January 18th, 2022

The Hollywood Reporter

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Bryan Sullivan Speaks to The Hollywood Reporter about the COVID-19 Safety Status Quo on Film and TV Sets

In an article recently published by The Hollywood Reporter, Bryan Sullivan sheds light on how pandemic safety measures are continuing to impact work environments throughout film and TV sets in Hollywood, as well as possible changes to come if the existing COVID-19 safety agreement between top guilds and studios is revisited in the near future. The article highlights entertainment workers’ concerns about current protocols and whether or not they are stringent enough to keep workers protected against COVID-19 variants, especially as many projects have been affected by the wave of omicron cases.

Bryan was skeptical that a mandate for vaccination or testing will be included in any new agreement. “With omicron, while you can still get it while vaccinated, you’re not that sick and rarely do you have to go to a hospital if you’re already reasonably healthy. It’s much more treatable,” he shared. However, he continued to note that more stringent protocols are not completely out of the question, as production delays due to outbreaks can cost studios and guilds millions of dollars.

For more of Bryan’s commentary and insight whether the current protocols will be enhanced in entertainment workplaces, read the full article below. 

Film/TV Sets Under Strain: Is the COVID-19 Safety Status Quo Good Enough?