September 24th, 2021


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Bryan Sullivan’s Article “Trump’s Latest Lawsuit Against New York Times Et Al. Likely To Fail Bigly” Published in Forbes

Bryan Sullivan recently published an article in Forbes detailing a new lawsuit filed by former President Donald Trump against The New York Times, several of its reporters, and his niece, Mary Trump. The lawsuit is centered around thousands of pages of Trump’s tax records, which were obtained by The Times through Mary Trump and served to inform a series of articles about Trump published by the paper in 2018. The lawsuit alleges that there was an “insidious plot” to obtain these tax records and seeks damages of no less than $100 million. According to Bryan, it is highly unlikely that the suit will withstand legal scrutiny, thanks to freedom of the press under the First Amendment and because the actions of The Times and its reporters were in the furthering of the public interest. He highlights several major First Amendment lawsuits and discusses the possible outcomes of this most recent suit based on the Supreme Court’s expansive interpretation of press freedoms.

The full article can be found below.

Trump’s Latest Lawsuit Against New York Times Et Al. Likely To Fail Bigly.