January 11th, 2024

CBS News

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CBS News Covers Early Sullivan Client Kevin Morris’ Friendship with Hunter Biden, Includes Statements from Bryan Sullivan

Bryan Sullivan recently shared statements with CBS News relating to Early Sullivan client, Kevin Morris’, financial backing of Hunter Biden. Morris’ and Biden’s relationship was thrust into the spotlight after Morris joined Biden at his congressional contempt hearing on Capitol Hill. Some have raised questions about Morris’ financial backing and friendship with President Biden’s son.

In regards to Morris’ relationship with Hunter Biden, Bryan Sullivan told CBS News in a statement that, “Hunter is not only a client of Kevin’s, he is his friend and there is no prohibition against helping a friend in need, despite the inability of these Republican Chairmen and their allies to imagine such a thing.”

In response to the question of whether Kevin Morris’ financial backing of Hunter Biden will lead President Joe Biden to take official favorable actions for Kevin Morris, Byran said it ‘has not, and will not happen.’

“Kevin Morris has not asked for or expected anything from President Biden or his administration in return for his support of Hunter,” Bryan said in a statement to CBS News.

Hollywood attorney Kevin Morris, who financially backed Hunter Biden, moves closer to the spotlight – CBS News