November 8th, 2023

Fox News Digital

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Devin McRae Featured in Fox News Digital Article On Alleged Plaintiff Harassment in Lawsuit Against Robert De Niro

Devin McRae recently spoke to Fox News Digital about an alleged instance of plaintiff harassment in a civil trial where Robert De Niro’s former assistant, Graham Chase Robinson, is suing him for gender discrimination. The harassment came in the form of a text message that Robinson’s legal team alleged came from one of De Niro’s daughters.

The text message called Robinson a “disgusting little beast” and claimed she was only suing the 80-year-old actor for his money. The message ended with, “Hopefully you and your family will suffer, like you have made so many suffer.”

“Doesn’t look good for DeNiro but that only matters if the jury gets to see it,” Devin explains to Fox. “It doesn’t rise to witness intimidation and isn’t really probative of the gender discrimination claims, so it will probably not make its way into evidence. The plaintiff’s lawyers will argue that it corroborates her testimony of an abusive environment.”

It has not yet been determined if the text will be shown to the jury.

Plaintiff in Robert De Niro harassment lawsuit gets intimidating text from his family: lawyer – Fox News Digital