March 3rd, 2022

Los Angeles Times

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Devin McRae Quoted In Los Angeles Times On Violence Concerns Surrounding Kanye West’s “Eazy”

In an article published in the Los Angeles Times, Devin McRae weighed in on the recent controversy surrounding the release of Kanye West’s “Eazy” music video. The music video depicts a cartoon version of West kidnapping and burying celebrity Pete Davidson, who is publicly involved with West’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.

The article notes complaints from offended viewers demanding that the video be taken down from Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, and it questions whether social media companies have a legal obligation to delete offensive material.

The article also compares West’s music video to the lyrics of rap artist Jamal Knox. In 2018, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania ruled that Knox could be held criminally liable for naming specific police officers as well as ways he would harm them in his songs. Devin notes that the lyrics were about the rap artist’s arresting officers.

“You can see that there are a lot more circumstances that would lead one to believe it’s a true threat,” Devin says. “I think it would most likely be seen to be perhaps in bad taste but not legally actionable.”

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