July 1st, 2021

Yahoo! Finance

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Devin McRae Quoted in Yahoo! Finance on the Future of Bill Cosby’s Sitcom Empire

Devin McRae spoke with Yahoo! Finance about the future of Bill Cosby’s television sitcom empire now that Pennsylvania’s highest court has overturned the comedian’s sexual assault conviction. In the article, entitled “Overturned Cosby conviction ‘far from an exoneration’ with $400M empire at stake,” Devin explains that Cosby’s contract likely makes him still eligible to receive royalty payments from his hit sitcoms should they be sold or broadcast. 

“You typically wouldn’t have a forfeiture like that based on any morals clause,” says Devin. “If [the studio] wants to prevent him from profiting, they would simply not sell the show and just shelve it.”

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