May 24th, 2024


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Devin McRae Speaks to CNBC About How to Avoid Termination From Political Discourse

Devin McRae was recently featured in a CNBC article, “Free speech, political protests and work: What employees need to know to not get fired,” examining how employees can protect themselves from being terminated on the basis of political speech on social media or through protests.

Google, among other companies, recently made the headlines after employees were fired for protesting, causing them to submit complaints to the National Labor Relations Board. Devin explains to CNBC that employers ultimately have a better case for a justification for termination if a worker breaks the law, incites violence, or engages in hate speech. He goes on to point out that skipping work without permission or dishonestly taking a sick day to attend a public protest could give your employer justification for termination as well.

“Conceivably your employer could fire you for lying to them,” Devin tells CNBC.

Devin also points out that while an employee fired for protesting or expressing views on social media could sue their company for wrongful termination, these cases tend to be highly specific and the outcome could be uncertain.

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