December 9th, 2022


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Devin McRae Speaks to IndieWire About Potential Termination of GMA3 Anchors

Devin McRae was recently quoted in Tony Maglio’s IndieWire article “‘GMA3’ Can Definitely Fire T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach, Lawyers Say,” which examines the legality of terminating morning show anchors T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach following allegations of the pair being in a relationship.

The article highlights recent reports claiming that the anchors’ employment agreements with ABC contain a morality clause, noting that such a clause could be significant when considering that ABC’s parent company is Disney—an organization consistently clear about the values it wants to project.

“‘The whole thing about the double infidelity’ doesn’t jive with Disney values,” according to Devin. “Journalists are supposed to report the news and not make it.”

Even if the alleged relationship doesn’t violate the terms of Holmes’ and Robach’s employment agreements, the article explains that the pair could still be at risk for termination “without cause.” If such a termination were to occur, a predetermined payout could be triggered, and Devin contemplates that such a payout could come at a negotiated “discount.” In his opinion, if there is a dispute, “there’s an ‘overwhelming likelihood’ that [it] will be quietly arbitrated and settled.”

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