September 7th, 2022

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Early Sullivan First-In-the-Nation Lawsuit

It was 2018 and Critical Race Theory was still largely under wraps in America, and in particular, with respect to its tremendously racialized and sexualized aspects being “taught” in public schools. Brave parents in Santa Barbara were trying to get the teaching materials from their schools, but were repeatedly prevented from seeing the materials.

Fair Education Santa Barbara retained Early Sullivan, and attorneys Eric Early and Peter Scott, who brought what is now considered the first lawsuit in the nation against CRT, suing the Santa Barbara Unified School District, its Superintendent (who was ultimately removed due in large part to the lawsuit) and a group of so-called social justice warriors called Just Communities Central Coast.

Thanks to this first “shot across the bow,” Early Sullivan succeeded in obtaining the “teaching” materials from the District and bringing to light the indoctrination going on in our kids’ schools. As shown in the attached release, JCCC is now gone and a prairie fire was sparked across the nation.