Early Sullivan Prevails at Trial in Breach of Loan Agreement Case

Scott Gizer, Diane Luczon and Zachary Gidding secured a decision in favor of their client Mazakoda, Inc. for breach of a loan agreement following a bench trial in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Plaintiff Mazakoda, Inc. had alleged that it provided a loan to defendants J&J Oil, Shawn Melamed, Edmond Melamed, Jenous Tootian and Rozita Safaeipour for $500,000, which the defendants failed to pay back. However, the promissory note was lost and only an unsigned copy of the promissory note could be found. Defendants attempted to argue that they never signed the promissory note and that the money they received was not a loan, but a settlement payment to resolve a dispute between the parties. Following a bench trial before the Honorable Daniel Murphy, the Court ruled in favor of Early Sullivan’s client, Mazakoda, finding the preponderance of the evidence supported Mazakoda’s case and that the defendants were not credible witnesses.  Mazakoda was awarded its full loan balance of over $900,000 plus attorney’s fees and costs incurred and issued an order permitting Mazakoda to judicially foreclose on the Defendants’ property. 

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