May 15th, 2021

New York Times

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Early Sullivan’s Lawsuit Against Il Divo Member Sébastien Izambard Covered by the New York Times, Cites “Coercive Control”

A recent New York Times article entitled, “Il Divo Tenor’s Ex-Wife Sues Him, Citing Sexual and Physical Abuse,” details the claims brought by Devin McRae’s client Renée Izambard against Il Divo member Sébastien Izambard. Renee’s allegations uncover Sébastien’s historical behavior patterns, which include domestic violence, sexual assault and battery, and “coercive control.”

California recently enacted a law that allows coercive control behaviors to be introduced as evidence of domestic violence in family court. Devin notes that this lawsuit aims to “shed light on how intractable coercive control is.” The hope is that, with “coercive control,” California will once again be leading the way on novel law.

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