April 19th, 2024


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Eric Anderson Analyzes Trump’s Upcoming Criminal Trial In Newsweek

Eric Anderson recently spoke at length to Newsweek about the criminal trial of Donald Trump, who is accused of falsifying records to send hush money to adult star Stormy Daniels.

As juror selection commenced, Eric lent his insights to an article about the selection process, explaining that the defense would “…want jurors who, if they have social media, have never commented on Trump.” On the other hand, he notes that the prosecution “will want high-information voters who feel everyone is treated the same under the law, people who believe in institutions like government, and schools.”

In a followup article in Newsweek, Eric elaborates on the trial, theorizing that the former president’s wife Melania could pose an issue with his defense, given that he’d need to convince a jury that he was hiding the payments from his wife, not the public.

“The defense’s problem is the subterfuge regarding the payments. The odds that Melania was going to go through the Trump bank records are [from] none to none,” he shares. “Arguably, there was no reason for such an intricate manner of making payments to Daniels and then hiding them as income for Cohen.”

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