April 15th, 2021

The New York Times, Fox News, NY Daily News, Pioneer Press

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Eric D. Anderson Offers Insight on Derek Chauvin Trial for the New York Times, Fox News, Pioneer Press and NY Daily News

Eric D. Anderson, the firm’s senior trial counsel, spoke to the New York Times, Fox News, Pioneer Press and NY Daily News regarding the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer charged in the death of George Floyd. In the articles, Eric, a former prosecutor, offered insight on the length of jury deliberations and the effectiveness of the presented arguments, and provided an analysis of the trial after a final verdict was reached. 

According to Eric, jury deliberations vary considerably in length. “There’s no way of telling how long this will take, particularly when I think that the jurors will try to do the right thing, whatever they think that is,” he told the New York Times. “And to get to the right thing, they’re going to want to look very closely at the evidence. They’re going to want to look closely at every possible angle.”

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