February 27th, 2024


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Eric Anderson Speaks to Newsweek About Likelihood of Atlanta District Attorney Fani Willis Facing Perjury Charges

Eric Anderson recently spoke to Newsweek about whether Atlanta District Attorney Fani Willis could face perjury charges over the revelation of her relationship with prosecutor Nathan Wade. Willis has claimed that the relationship began after former President Trump’s indictment was handed down, but, according to the article, Trump’s legal team is asserting that they can disprove Willis’ claim using phone records.

Eric explains that due to intense political polarization, Republican Attorney General Christopher Carr may pursue perjury charges against Willis, who is a Democrat. “Given the political climate, I would not be completely surprised if the attorney general, a Republican, acts. Attorney General Carr has shown a willingness to take on elected officials in criminal proceedings before,” Eric tells Newsweek.

“When it comes to politics, anything is possible. Unless the alleged perjury is about a fact material to the matter at hand, perjury charges are not likely for a regular witness,” he adds.

Read the full article in Newsweek:

Fani Willis May Be Facing Perjury Charges