February 4th, 2022

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Scott Gizer Provides Insight to on How Homeowners Can Protect Their Home From Lawsuits and Creditors

Scott Gizer was recently featured in a piece for discussing precautionary measures American homeowners should take to safeguard their home from litigation or creditors. The article examines common scenarios that could yield a lawsuit, notes the standard policies homeowners should have to one’s name, such as umbrella insurance, and details the most effective ways to protect your assets from creditors in the face of unexpected financial hardships. With Americans filing about 40 million lawsuits every year, Scott recommended that homeowners know how to protect their assets in advance. 

In the article, Scott noted that homeowners should, “be sure to stay up-to-date on property taxes since defaults suggest that the homeowner isn’t taking proper care of their property.” In the unfortunate event of a lawsuit, the article cautions that, “Any hint of negligence could make you look bad in court should a lawsuit arise.”

Read the full article below.

Cover Your Assets 101: How To Protect Your Home From Lawsuits and Creditors