April 26th, 2012

Southwestern Law School

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Southwestern Law School Profiles Eric Early

Meet Southwestern’s first President of the Entertainment and Intellectual Property Alumni Association

Step foot into the hip, modern, yet understated and professional office of Early Sullivan Wright Gizer & McRae and you would never guess that the firm is less than two years old.  That is, if you can manage to pull your gaze away from the striking, almost 360 degree view of Los Angeles that provides a fitting backdrop for this successful young firm.

Early Sullivan opened its doors in June of 2010 with Southwestern Alum Eric Early and four of his colleagues at the helm.  In its short existence, the firm has grown from just five partners to 14 attorneys and is currently developing offices in New York and Las Vegas.   The success of the firm comes as no surprise when you consider the experience, passion, and dedication of Eric Early.