April 6th, 2023


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Variety Asks Devin McRae to Weigh In on CNN Contract Provisions Following Don Lemon’s Alleged Misogyny in the Workplace

Devin McRae recently spoke to Variety about television anchor Don Lemon’s contract with CNN, and whether included provisions may give the network the ability to terminate the agreement, following recent public and workplace allegations of misogyny raised against Lemon.

The article examines allegations against Lemon dating back nearly two decades through present day, when his recent on-air comments about Nikki Haley led to his CNN cohosts walking off in the middle of their show. There are claims that Lemon insulted a producer’s weight, sent threatening texts to previous ‘Live From’ cohost Kyra Philips, and mocked Nancy Grace on air and in staff meetings, among other misdeeds. CNN has enforced varying degrees of disciplinary action throughout the years, though as the article showcases, the mounting misogynistic allegations against Lemon have led to speculation about whether the network will keep him around for much longer.

When asked to opine on whether CNN might go so far as to terminate its agreement with the star, and whether they would have legal grounds to do so, Devin shared, “These provisions that [CNN anchors] have in their contracts that define what is cause for termination, it’s pretty abstract. That allows CNN to subjectively apply it.” He continued on to explain that, “Ultimately, it does seem to come down to, ‘How is Lemon’s behavior making CNN look?’”

Don Lemon’s Misogyny at CNN, Exposed: Malicious Texts, Mocking Female Co-Workers and ‘Diva-Like Behavior’ – Variety