January 13th, 2022

Asbury Park Press

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David Chidekel Breaks Down Bruce Springsteen’s Massive Catalog Sale in Asbury Park Press Article

David Chidekel spoke with Asbury Park Press reporter Chris Jordan about the recent $500 million sale of Bruce Springsteen’s entire music catalog to Sony. The article explores the deal’s implications, notes fan reactions to the deal, and compares the current state of the record business to 1976, the year Springsteen’s music ownership lawsuit was filed against former manager Mike Appel.

In the article, David shares insight on a number of elements in the deal, including its economically advantageous nature for both parties. David theorizes that, based on similar deals, Springsteen will likely have a say in how his songs are used, and he states that this deal will likely help Springsteen streamline financial matters. 

“I have clients who want to sell their stuff now and they’re saying they just don’t want to deal with three different reporting companies,” David shares. “A business manager has to aggregate the statements every year, they never know what it’s going to be. It could go up, it could go down. It just takes all that nonsense out of the whole thing.”

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Is Bruce Springsteen’s $500 million Sony deal personal or strictly business?